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Where you read it first | Friday, February 23, 2024

Brands who deserve your dollars: Nynne


This week’s brand, Nynne, is more upscale and expensive than the brands highlighted thus far, but the company’s approach to sustainability is unique since it outlines eight clear focus groups. This tactic makes the sustainability objective clearer for the company itself, but it also helps the brand be more transparent with consumers, because they will have a better understanding of how Nynne is approaching sustainability

The founder of the brand, Nynne Kunde, launched the brand after graduating from Istituto Marangoni in London in 2018 and "focus[ed] on craftsmanship and exaggerated silhouettes."Scandinavian design elements of minimalism and clean lines are clear influences in the pieces, paying homage to Kunde’s heritage. However, there are also louder elements that are indicative of London’s street fashion. Kunde succeeds at blending the two styles in her garments.

The brand’s mission statement says, “The label’s brand philosophy lies in the exploration of dressing as a form of power, and Nynne aims to uplift the everyday wardrobe of women globally through glamorous yet pragmatic clothing meant to amplify confidence.” Within this mission, Nynne also takes on the important goal of being a sustainable fashion brand

To uphold its commitment to sustainability, the brand targets eight areas: materials, production, proximity, avoiding dead stock, consciousness, durability, the Diana concept and packaging. While some of these areas are self-explanatory, some require more information, like the Diana concept. The Diana concept gets its name from the brand’s signature piece: the Diana dress. According to the brand, “The Diana dress is appropriate for the office as well as a wedding or a walk in the park.” Owning versatile garments allows consumers to buy and own less, which in turn cuts down on production. The Diana concept, along with the brand’s durability goal, provides an argument for why the expensive garments that Nynne sells could be worth your investment. While it is a larger upfront cost, the higher quality and versatility mean that you will be able to buy fewer other products, saving money down the road. 

Consciousness is another concept that requires more inspection. On how it wants to change the consumer’s mindset, the brand states, “By having a 6-month waiting time between the purchase and delivery we are encouraging consumers to buy in a more conscious and durable way.” This is an interesting approach to sustainability because it is as if Nynne is reaching across the screen to change consumer behavior in addition to changing its own behaviors as a company. Other goals, like materials, production, proximity, avoiding dead stock and packaging, though still important, are similar to the approaches of other sustainable brands that have already been highlighted, in that they work to shrink the production process and use more environmentally friendly materials. For their AW21 collection, Nynne achieved their materials goal by using recycled or certified sustainable fabrics for 60% of all material used. Overall, Nynne’s high-end garments are an investment, but could be worth it because of their quality and versatility.