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The Tufts Daily
Where you read it first | Sunday, June 16, 2024

Caffeinated Commentary: The Sink


I’m excited for this edition because I’ll be reviewing an essential part of Tufts: The Sink. This on-campus, student-run coffee shop is located in Tufts’ Mayer Campus Center. Its name is appropriate for the basin shape of the seating area around it, which looks like, well, a sink. Two tables sit across from the cafe, then there’s a lower basin area two steps down which leads to four tables. The tables seat one or two people on comfortable benches and two or three people in chairs around the table (depending how many people squish in; I’ve seen up to six!). 

The Sink is pictured in February 2023. Courtesy Natalie Bricker.

The Sink is a popular spot on campus, and it’s often hard to find seating unless you’re lucky or come early in the morning. I study at The Sink at least four days per week, and I find the morning to be the best time to hang there. The Campus Center can get loud, so if you’re looking for a peaceful, quiet study spot, the Sink probably isn’t the best place. It’s a social spot to study, perfect for studying with a group of friends. 

My top three favorite things about the Sink: the drinks, the people who work there and the prices. I have yet to try a drink I dislike at the Sink, and I’ve tried a lot of them! My go-to is an iced vanilla oat milk latte, and this receives a 10/10 from me. It’s not too sweet, has a smooth texture and is such a reasonable price. A medium vanilla oat milk latte is $4.50, compared to Starbucks, where it would be almost $7. Pro tip: If you bring your own mug or cup, your drink will be the price of a small!

I’ve had the “Vaccine” before (the special drinks have fun names; this one is the barista’s choice). The barista who made the “Vaccine” for me created a rose and lavender latte that was great! This barista was one of many who make the Sink so special. It’s widely known on campus that people who work at the Sink are “very cool,” as one student phrased it. These students are stylish, friendly and play the most vibe-y music. And they all seem happy to be there. Customer service receives a 10/10!

I’m not a huge matcha person, but the “Question 4” is excellent; it’s a mint matcha latte that pairs well with a to-go Hodge breakfast sandwich (one of my favorite breakfast combos). My goal at Tufts is to try all of the Sink’s special drinks (recommendations are welcomed!). The most popular drinks, according to one barista, are “Lucy in the Chai” (a dirty chai latte), “Bee Sting” (a latte made with cinnamon espresso shots and honey) and “Cinny Vanilly” (a cinnamon vanilla latte). I haven’t tried these yet but they’re next up on my list!

The vibes are phenomenal, with fun decorations up, including a line of cups with art drawn on them and funny stickers everywhere. For Valentine’s Day, there were special drinks including “Kissy Kissy” (a strawberry matcha), “Toxic Ex” (a caramel cayenne latte) and “Cupid’s Arrow” (a honey pistachio tea latte). They even had a speed dating event where people could meet each other and drink the fun Valentine’s drinks!

A notice advertising the Sink’s Valentine’s Day themed drinks. Courtesy Natalie Bricker.

Overall, The Sink receives a 9.5/10 from me, my highest rating so far!  The drinks are delicious and the prices are the lowest I’ve found of any of the coffee shops I’ve visited this year. The only reason it’s not a 10/10 is the fact that it’s so hard to find seating, though that’s to be expected at the Campus Center. There can be a long line sometimes too, but it moves pretty fast and is so worth it; I’d wait in line as long as it takes to get a Sink latte!