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Where you read it first | Friday, April 19, 2024

Weekly Wellness: Life Alive Organic Cafe in Davis Square

Graphic for Katherine Pflieger's column "Weekly Wellness"

Graphic by Molly Sullivan

Live Alive Organic Cafe is a charming, brightly colored, nutrition focused cafe that is the perfect place for a light bite or a filling, healthful meal.

With a variety of acai bowls, wraps, salads and bowls, it’s hard to find something at Life Alive that isn’t delicious and packed with vegetables and nutrients. Although to some, the cafe’s mostly plant-based menu may seem a little daunting, I can attest that each time I’ve gone, even the pickiest of eaters have found something they enjoyed.

The butternut squash soup, one of their fall seasonal items, was a highlight of my most recent trip, and the simple hummus and pita plate ended up being a favorite of the table.

With substitutions of cashew-based cheeses in some of their salads and bowls, Life Alive offers an allergen-friendly menu, with options for those that are dairy free, vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free.

The Tuscan kale salad, one of their vegan options, was a favorite dish of the nonvegan at the table, featuring kale, apples, cranberries and a vegan cashew parmesan topping, among other nuts and vegetables. While it may sound worth some skepticism, the cashew parm was extremely similar to regular cheese and none of us missed the original version one bit.

Life Alive’s commitment to lowering their carbon footprint is commendable as they not only recycle and compost, but also “use biodegradable and chemical free materials for cleaning and packaging whenever possible.” 

They also promote local businesses and farmers in the greater Boston area, and “seek out and promote local, organically grown food … [and feature] foods and products that are free from all chemicals and artificial preservatives, colors, flavors and sweeteners.”

Their menu also features drinks and smoothies with superfoods and antioxidants such as raw cacao, spirulina, maca and blue-green algae powder.

For cheaper than a grande Starbucks vanilla latte, you can get a “Hot Ocean Blue,” a drink that contains blue-green algae, maca, vanilla, maple syrup, sea salt and coconut milk.

BGA contains bioactive components, such as phycocyanin, carotenoids, γ-linolenic acid, fibers and plant sterols, all shown to reduce inflammation by limiting the nuclear factor κ B activity and lowering plasma total cholesterol. It also has been linked to helping prevent oxidative stress and metabolic diseases. 

Maca powder, a Peruvian adaptogenic herb, has been tied to boosting energy, helping regulate moods and decreasing stress.

While their food is on the slightly pricier side, with main dishes ranging from 1213 dollars, the quality of ingredients, eco-friendly focus and overall vibe of the restaurant make it a worthwhile treat out in Davis Square or any of their other locations in the Boston area.

Order recommendations: Autumn chopped salad, Mediterranean falafel wrap, shiitake udon, Tuscan kale salad, butternut bisque and any of the acai bowls.