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Where you read it first | Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Munching with Max: Boston bites

column graphic for Max Druckman's "Munching with Max" column
Graphic by Rachel Wong

Since 1630, Boston has stood strong. Many, from the British Redcoats to the Los Angeles Lakers, have tried and failed to conquer this great city. However, it has taken until 2024, some 394 years, for Boston to meet its greatest foe — Max Druckman. Yes, the cuisine czar, master muncher, yours truly, has finally taken his taste buds to the streets of the “City Upon a Hill.”

First on my Boston escapade was Peach Farm in Chinatown. A welcoming and lively family atmosphere, the tables were massive and the portion sizes even bigger. With a menu like a syllabus, the variety in seafood jumped out. Since I was dining with my family, we ordered generously. To start, we chose the “No. 2 Tidbits.” The chicken fingers were crisp and tasty, complemented with duck sauce. The fried shrimp, however, was overpowered by its breading. Unfortunately, I couldn’t try the beef teriyaki, as my overzealous brother inhaled it (insert eyeroll).  

For entrées, the scallops with vegetables was plentiful and delicious. The scallops were fresh and juicy, with a subtle white sauce. Additionally, the spicy shrimp with peanuts was mouthwatering. The contrasting peanuts and shrimp were a masterful flavor combination and seasoned perfectly. The sweet and sour chicken was scrumptious, with a tangy sauce complementing the steaming-hot chicken. Lastly, the chicken fried rice offered a succulent array of flavors befitting of an exemplary side dish.

Next, a trip to Newbury Street to a restaurant befitting its name — Crazy Good Kitchen. A funky dive with unabashed confidence, the burger list was just five items long. I ordered the “Hot Mess & Cheese,” a Philly cheesesteak in burger form. The patty was thin and cooked perfectly, simultaneously tender, crisp and juicy. The griddled onions added a kick and the additional shaved steak made every bite filling. The “Better Than Ketchup” sauce added extra sweetness, and the American cheese was beautifully melted into the patty. The only downside to the burger was the “& Cheese,” or the house cheese sauce, which was overly artificial. I blame this on myself, as I should have picked differently to avoid what was effectively Cheez Whiz. On the side, the “Classic Fries were delectable. Firm and crispy, they were cooked to perfection. To cap things off, the “Peanut Butter Slide” shake was calling my name. Loaded with peanut butter, Reese’s Pieces, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and pretzels, it was bliss in a cup. The only downside was that it stayed frozen for too long.

As always, my gut reactions…

Peach Farm: With an incredible atmosphere, it’s truly one of Chinatown’s jewels. The bountiful portions and flavors make it a must visit.

Crazy Good Kitchen: One of the best burgers I have had recently. The perfect burger/shake spot in one of Boston’s nicest neighborhoods.

For those of you expecting me to bash uncontrollably as per usual, sorry. Maybe next time. Instead, today, let’s savor the culinary delights of the city whose horizon looms brightly over our campus. A world of taste is a few T stops away, awaiting hungry Jumbos.