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Where you read it first | Sunday, December 10, 2023

5 artsy classes the arts section recommends

To celebrate Majors Week, the arts section of the Daily has compiled you a list of inspiring classes related to arts, offered by various departments:

1) Cassidy Olsen, arts editor: FMS 0078 - Japanese Film

“Whether you're a seasoned film student or a newbie looking for a double whammy art and world civilization credit, FMS 78 - Japanese Film (cross-listed as JPN 80) offers something new for everyone. The course explores the history of Japanese film through weekly screenings and discussion. Readings and assignments are light but interesting, lectures are engaging and the course is taught in English, so there's no need to worry if you're entirely new to Japanese language and culture.”

2) Setenay Mufti, assistant arts editor: ENG 0005 - Creative Writing: Fiction

“If you love storytelling and personal challenges, you'll enjoy English 005, or Creative Writing: Fiction.Open to any student who's passed the college writing requirement, it gives students space for developing individual skills at their own pace. Although taught by many in the English department, the class with Marcie Hershman will teach you how to deconstruct -- literally and figuratively -- your work in a positive setting, rounded out by light reading, short writing exercises and extensive peer review.”

3) John Fedak, assistant arts editor: ENG 0007 - Creative Writing: Journalism

“Creative Writing: Journalism is a great class for those who want to delve into all things investigative and artsy. Taught by Neil Miller of the English department, the class covers anything and everything from news reporting to restaurant reviews, allowing each student to apply their own personal streak to the world of journalism. Students who want to learn formal skills while also applying their own opinions and individuality will love this introductory course.”

4) Antonio Bertolino, columnist: FAH 0092 - Special Topics: Intro to Contemporary Art

"Are you a die-hard Damien Hirst fan? Do you really not get the hype behind contemporary art and don't understand why critics worship artists who make cuts in their canvases? No matter what your stance on contemporary art, FAH 92 is a class catered to students with all kinds of backgrounds in art history. The readings are not always the clearest, but you will get exposed to paintings, sculptures, videos and performance art pieces that will stimulate you to think in new and creative ways."

5) Eran Sabaner, executive arts editor: FAH 0121 - Armenian Art, Architecture and Politics

"Tufts students, regardless of their major, should take Armenian Art, Architecture and Politics for a variety of reasons. First and foremost, Christina Maranci is the only professor in the Western Hemisphere that specializes in Armenian art. It is truly remarkable to study the art and culture of a civilization art history textbooks tend to neglect. Also, the course is a great introduction to art history as a discipline. Non-art history majors will not only fulfill their graduation requirements (the course counts for humanities, arts and world civilization [credits]), but they will also learn a great deal about visual culture."