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Where you read it first | Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Unpacking Lady Di’s wardrobe in ‘The Crown’

Emma Corrin as Princess Diana is pictured in season 4 of "The Crown" (2016-).

The latest season of “The Crown” (2016–) was eventful, to say the least.

From the escalating political tension within the U.K. to thedebut of Margaret Thatcher (Gillian Anderson), thefourth season of the show covered a lot of ground. Perhaps what most of us were looking forward to the most was the long-awaited debut of Princess Diana (Emma Corrin), the British royal who stole all of our hearts with her fashion, intellect, kindness and beauty.

Therefore, it feels right to unpack some of Lady Di’s looks on the show in detail and explore what they mean in terms of the show’s context. So, let’s dissect some of these iconic moments, shall we?


This very first look is special because it is featured the first time Diana runs into Prince Charles (Josh O’Connor) since their brief encounter a few years back when Diana was just a child. Her youthful spirit shines through her pastel yellow overalls and floral cardigan, both staple pieces in Diana’s earlier wardrobe before she becameVersace Diana.” Here, we see her as a charming young girl who is still figuring herself out by experimenting with lively colors and clashing patterns, which grabs Charles’ attention and eventually leads him to pursue her. This outfit made an appearance in real life, too, at a 1981 polo match.


  • Blue engagement suit (Episode 3)

Perhaps one of the show’s most perfect recreations is this blue engagement outfit, also worn in real life by Diana at the announcement of her engagement to Charles in 1981. Allegedly, Diana bought the blue suit and white pussy-bow blouse herselffrom Harrods department store. She is also seen wearing the 12-carat sapphire engagement ring that was later passed down to Prince William, who gave it to Kate Middleton. This look is both timeless and budget friendly, making it one of the highlights of the show. 


When Diana wore this Muir & Osborne jumper in real life during a polo match in 1981 before her wedding, it made waves. It is quite reminiscent of the yellow-overalls look from Episode 1 but has a twist to it with the not-so-subtle black sheep analogy for her perceived status within the Windsor clan. This sweater went on to transcend decades, when Warm & Wonderful collaborated with U.S. designer Rowing Blazers to reproduce the original sweater’s design, making it available for purchase for the first time since 1994. Buy yourshere for a whopping $295.


  • Pink plaid (Episode 3)

Diana was seen wearing this pink plaid outfit around 1986 outside the Highgrove House, herresidence with Charles and their two kids William and Harry, in Gloucestershire, England. Despite having settled for Charles and leaving her London days behind, we can still observe her signature love of bright colors, this time swapping the floral prints for monochromatic checkered ones. The show takes a spin on this magenta look by showing her roller-skating inside Buckingham Palace. What an absolute legend.


  • Sky blue ball gown (Episode 6)

The couple’s 1983 Australian tour was a big dealfor both their rocky marriage and the Commonwealth. Diana and Charles were invited to a gala at the Wentworth Hotel in Sydney, where they famously danced. In the series, this dance was what brought the couple closer together after their massive fight in an earlier episode. Having to switch up her wardrobe after marrying a royal, we again see Diana’s growing love for monochrome looks, this time with a sky blue Bruce Oldfield gown. The cut of the gown is as ‘80s as it gets, and the waist-cinching belt exaggerates her features beautifully.


  • Solo trip to NYC (Episode 10)

As her marriageneared its end, Diana embarked on a solo tour to New York City. Seen here wearing a gown and cropped jacket, she turns heads during her visit to the Brooklyn Academy of Music for a1989 Royal Gala, looking as elegant and graceful as ever. She also seems to appear a lot more confident, perhaps due to the absence of Charles, who in the show usually resents her for stealing his spotlight.