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Where you read it first | Monday, October 2, 2023

K-Weekly: Why 'Loser=Lover' needs to be in your playlist

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If you’re not familiar with the ever-growing world of K-pop, or international music in general, you may be looking at this section and wondering, what even is "Loser=Lover?" But never fear, dear reader, as I am here to shed some light on who TXT is and why you need to stream the group’s music.

So let’s get to the basics! Tomorrow X Together, otherwise known as TXT is a South Korean boy band consisting of members Soobin, Yeonjun,Beomgyu,Taehyun and HueningKai,who debuted on March 4, 2019 under Big Hit Entertainment –– now known as Hybe Labels. The group’s music speaks to Generation Z as a whole, from the anxious mindset of the youth to the rebellious nature of their lives.

TXT dropped its repackaged album, entitled “The Chaos Chapter: Fight or Escape” on Aug. 17, with the title track “Loser=Lover, the subject of today’s piece. The song is 3 minutes and 18 seconds of emo-pop punk telling Gen Z the realities of our world and how easily it can be changed by just one person. Now, personally, I have been listening to the group since its debut and have always viewed it as one of the better “rookie” groups to come out the past several years. Even so, to say that this album and track blew me away would be downplaying the entire experience. But why? Well, anyone who has ever gone through an “emo” or “punk” phase — or is still in it — can testify to the almost overwhelming feeling of being seen that comes from listening to a song with an intense guitar riff, low bass vocals singing about heartbreak and the occasional but powerful curse word relayed throughout the chorus. "Loser=Lover" has that and so much more.

The song itself relays the message of the gratitude someone feels knowing that their partner will always stick by their side, regardless of how much of a “loser” or a “lover” they are. It’s about diving headfirst into the relationship and leaving everything behind and being confident in their ability to fly even with “broken wings” because of the people they are with. It’s a reassurance to the youth that there is someone who will be by your side, powering alongside the good and bad, beautiful and ugly, the tears and laughter. With the chorus of “I say run,"TXT is screaming at today’s youth that no matter who you are, you can go forward. And message aside, the passion-fueled vocals and catchy chorus are reasons enough to keep this song on repeat.

"Loser=Lover" is a song full of the moments of longing and hopefulness with which our generation is completely intertwined. The addictive melody and raw vocals are simply another reason as to why it belongs in all your playlists, so give it a try! You can listen to and watch the music videohere.