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Where you read it first | Sunday, March 3, 2024

Your Valentine’s Day love song recommendations

A 1909 Valentine's Day greeting card is pictured.

This Valentine’s Day, let’s not talk about anything but love. Today, we’re dropping some songs that you have to play this Valentine’s Day, whether you’re spending it with a lover, friends, by yourself or with your cat.

"Love Story (Taylor’s Version)" (2021) by Taylor Swift

You simply can’t have a V-Day playlist and not include Taylor Swift or her worldwide hit "Love Story." A twist on the story of Romeo and Juliet, Swift depicts a love between soulmates through the ages that blossoms into something true and beautiful. This song is perfect to sing to your significant other or your friend in the most overdramatic fashion possible.

"All of Me" (2013) by John Legend

This passionate piano ballad is a beloved classic. Legend pours his emotions into this love song to his wife, which would bring any partner to happy tears. The simplicity and love in this song make it an addictive track that will be on your playlist all year long. This track is what you need for an all-consuming love, taking in the perfections and imperfections of your significant other. 

"I Hear a Symphony" (2017) by Cody Fry

An even more instrumental love song is Fry’s "I Hear a Symphony." Fry uses his obsession with orchestras and French horns along with simple vocals to depict how love changes a person’s perspective of the world. The song goes from a simple string and piano melody to a full-on orchestra as two lovers become more intimate and close with each other. If you need a song to reflect how love makes the world feel warmer and brighter, this is the one for you. 

"Best Part" (2017) by H.E.R. (feat. Daniel Caesar)

Taking a new route, this R&B/soul track is the depiction of how the steady presence of your partner in your daily life is the "Best Part" of living. H.E.R.’s soft voice mixes with Caesar’s low vocals to create an intimate atmosphere within the lyrics and song, expressing the exchange of love and appreciation between two partners. If your partner is the one who makes your days a bit brighter, and you infinitely happier, then this is a love letter you should share with them. 

"New Love" (2018) by Victoria Monét

This ‘90s-inspired track is another take on falling in love, in all ways, from the physical to the emotional. Monét confidently sings about the connection created with her new love and the quick progression of their relationship. Her soft vocals and smooth beats also make this the perfect song to listen to as your new loves blossom with the spring season. 

"Without Love" (2002) from "Hairspray," the Broadway Musical

Broadway musical love songs can be catchy, beautiful and bright, and "Without Love" is no exception. The "Hairspray" song depicts the love between two pairs of lovers, both of which are being pulled apart by society. This is a song that captures the challenges that can come with love. Whether you’re a theater nerd or not, this is the song to sing with your partners and best friends, because what is the purpose of living if it is without love? 

"All to Me" (2021) by Giveon

Another R&B/soul must-have, this song is all about being with the right person. Giveon sings to his ex-partner who chooses the wrong person, explaining that he would have treated them better. This song is an acknowledgment that love only works with the right person and that somehow, you will find your way back to the person you should be with.

"Frozen" (2017) by Sabrina Claudio

A smooth, slow song about the world stopping when you’re with your love is what everyone needs this V-Day. Whether it’s your partner or your best friend, this song captures the feelings of the steady, frozen state you feel when you spend time with them. Life may be moving by, and seasons may be changing, but when you’re with your love, life feels steady and still. If you need a backing track for a day of staying in with your partner, Claudio’s track is it. 

"Locked Out of Heaven" (2012) by Bruno Mars

If there’s one love song you can belt your lungs out to in a room full of your friends, a crowded party or in the middle of the night, it has got to be this one. In this fun song, Mars explains how being away from his love makes him feel "Locked Out of Heaven." If you want to let someone know how they make you feel this is the way to go. A dance classic, this song is perfect for jamming out on V-Day.

Hopefully these songs inspired you for your own V-Day celebrations, but either way: Happy Valentine’s Day to all!