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The Tufts Daily
Where you read it first | Saturday, December 9, 2023

Love It or Haute It: Tufts Athletic Apparel

With 28 varsity teams on campus, Tufts athletes constitute a sizable portion of the student body. They make their presence known through Instagram stories announcing games, rowdy post-practice Dewick meals and showing up to class in athletic gear straight from lift, among other things. However, the most prolific method of showing their participation in the athletic community is them constantly wearing their sports team apparel for every occasion. 

Coco: I support athletes wearing their team’s apparel. It is a great show of school pride and I often wear my lacrosse apparel. However, as with all things, I think all things should be in moderation and sometimes the frequency of athletic apparel surpasses what I think is acceptable. My friend Beans may be the worst culprit of excessive Tufts athletic gear on this entire campus. I cannot remember the last time that she was wearing an outfit that was completely devoid of a mention of Tufts lacrosse. The other day she was wearing a seemingly normal outfit that had no signs of athletic apparel. Oh wait, but guess what her socks were? Our 2019 game day socks. This detail would have gone unnoticed by many, but it was Beans subtly flexing on everyone. So, while I think it is completely acceptable for people to wear their team’s apparel, just don’t be like Beans (who checked her credentials for writing this “fashion” column anyway?).

Beans: I feel personally attacked by this prompt. As someone who regularly shows up to class, Dewick and social gatherings in more than three pieces of lacrosse apparel, I think this look is receiving too much heat. I believe forcing the concept of organized sports down the throats of those who don’t care is an important step in establishing social dominance. Professors, peers, Rez employees, TUPD officers: all people that need to know I play a sport. It is imperative that every single person on the Tufts University campus is aware that I am a lacrosse player. Without this, I question what the point of doing a varsity sport is. Coco has often criticized my constant wearing of athletic gear and encouraged me to spread my fashion wings. Maybe she’s right. As the writer of a fashion column, perhaps it is time for me to take a long and hard look at what kind of image I am cultivating. When people look at me, do they think “that person is so cool, they must have a valid and compelling opinion on fashion that warrants the writing of a weekly fashion column in the Tufts Daily.” If I’m being honest with myself, the answer is probably “no.” I’m not “fashionable.” I don’t own “business casual clothing," I don’t know about “matching socks," I have my Bat Mitzvah dress from seventh grade, if that’s what you want. I just want everyone to be happy. Is that too much to ask? Trust me — after a long day, when my pit stains have been nicely and discreetly absorbed by my athletic clothes, everyone is much happier.