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Where you read it first | Friday, June 14, 2024


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The stage, the speaker and the speech: What goes into a commencement address?

The graduation ceremony is a culmination of four years of living and learning. On a beautiful May morning, thousands of students, donning voluminous robes and eager to see their caps fly into the sky, pack onto Tufts’ Academic Quad. As they take their seats, perched in front of the imposing stage, they know that only a few hours separate them from the rest of their adult lives.


Peace in the unknown: Maddy Noah looks back on her time at Tufts

As the time comes for seniors to move their tassels, many are looking back on their time at Tufts with a newfound perspective. Certainly, no college experience is without its twists and turns, mistakes and lessons and memories and discoveries. This is deeply true for Maddy Noah, a graduating senior in the SMFA combined degree program.

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Breaking the mold: Unique double majors explore intersection of humanities, STEM

The phrase “double major” brings multiple plausible combinations to mind: for instance, computer science with mathematics, or perhaps English with philosophy. These pairings, while applauded for exhibiting a student’s hard work, do not turn heads for being unique. However, academic combinations such as English with biology, economics with music and even biology with Greek and Latin — belonging to seniors Ella Johnson, Aliza Kibel and Axel Ladd respectively — do just that.

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DreamWorks: Jumbo Dreams

Hello dreamers! This has been an incredible semester of dream searching. From lawyers, journalists and abortion providers to producers and playwrights, I have learned so much and I hope you have too. For this final edition I collected dreams from Tufts students. Some of them have known what they have wanted to do since they were little and others, like so many of us, are in the midst of the search.


Dorms, Dishes and Delicacies: Bush Hall

After a day full of dancing, singing, waiting in line and trying to touch Jordin Sparks’ hand at Spring Fling, the student body at Tufts was quite tired out — myself included. But what’s a better way to refuel after a long day than with a nice homemade meal? So, for my very last kitchen review this semester, I headed down to Bush Hall to make some quinoa-stuffed zucchini boats.

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Munching with Max: Pizza

Over the last eight months, my taste buds have traveled far and wide, encompassing breakfast, lunch, dinner and all cuisine variations. But, for my final column of the year, I thought it would be fitting to finish with my initial munching inspiration, one of the tastiest creations of all time: pizza.

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Weekly Wellness: Should we all be running marathons?

In the wake of Marathon Monday, or what Boston students have coined “MarMon,” the commendable athletic ability of over 25,000 participants has led some to ask whether they should put themselves to the test. So here are some things to think about if you are considering taking up the challenge next year.


Farming for a future

Daniela Aldrich was living in New York City as a professional ballerina and had just finished apprenticing with the NYC Ballet when she began to feel disillusioned with the idea of a ballet career and yearned to go back to school. So Aldrich attended Dickinson College and during her time there, studied abroad in Brazil. While in Brazil she got to know local farmers and realized she wanted to make a career in farming. New Entry Sustainable Farming Project provided Aldrich with the opportunity to do just that.

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T Time: A trip to Wonderland

​This past weekend I took a trip to one of the MBTA’s most uniquely named stations — Wonderland. Despite its faults, I give the T credit for giving its stations better names than “blah blah street” or “so and so avenue.” Some of my personal favorites include Alewife, Haymarket, Brandon Hall and Beachmont. For those interested in traveling to Wonderland, take the Green Line from Medford/Tufts to Government Center and then transfer to an outbound Blue Line train and take it all the way to the end of the line. The trip was about 45 minutes each way which is a bit long, but worth it in my opinion.

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A Jumbo’s Journey: Staring at the blank page before us (Year 1 reflection)

Wow. Look at us. The academic year is almost over. That’s a crazy statement to think about. It’s almost over; those 7 a.m. lawnmowers, the slow walkers and the hospital lights are going to be nonexistent for the next four months. Especially as a freshman, this is a tremendous moment. And, as a mature, rising sophomore (I can say that now), I will spend my last column publication dissecting it.

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GC in DC: Tales from the Swamp: Prime-time entertainment in the heart of the city

Summer is fast approaching, and Washington, D.C. is ramping up for performances in the arts! One of the most surprising facts I’ve learned about the city is the large extent to which it serves as a critical cultural hub for entertainment. Internationally recognized artists, hailing from different genres like hip-hop, shoegaze and hyperpop, perform in D.C. on most weekends, energizing the city with the thousands of people attending these events.

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Dreamworks: The playwright

Please put your phones on silent, keep talking to a minimum and enjoy the show… Today we will be talking with acclaimed playwright Joshua Harmon, the creator of the new Broadway show “A Prayer for the French Republic.”