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Where you read it first | Saturday, March 2, 2024


Weekly Wellness Column Graphic

Weekly Wellness: All about adaptogens

Among the Erewhon enthusiasts and holistic health junkies alike, a new profound interest in adaptogenic herbs has peaked in recent years. These powders and supplements contain various dried plant and root substances with supposed calming effects on the body and mind.


‘I took the one less traveled by’: An abortion provider’s journey

The beige brick building is nondescript. Every window has its blinds pulled tightly closed, leaving the impression that the interior is barren. There is no indication that the building is a reproductive healthcare facility. Upon my arrival at the clinic last spring to interview Dr. Laurent Delli-Bovi, the founder and medical director of Women’s Health Services — which is an ambulatory surgical center specializing in providing abortion care — I was, for a moment, nervous that my Uber driver had dropped me off at the wrong place. 

column graphic for Max Druckman's "Munching with Max" column

Munching with Max: Boston bites

Since 1630, Boston has stood strong. Many, from the British Redcoats to the Los Angeles Lakers, have tried and failed to conquer this great city. However, it has taken until 2024, some 394 years, for Boston to meet its greatest foe — Max Druckman. Yes, the cuisine czar, master muncher, yours truly, has finally taken his taste buds to the streets of the “City Upon a Hill.”

A Jumbo's Journey.png

A Jumbo’s Journey: A day which will live in infamy — lotto numbers

The infamous housing lottery numbers: they can tear apart friendships, induce murderous plots and force students to contemplate transferring. For months, the first-year class has heard rumors and stories about these numbers. And, of course, we’ve heard about the laudable 10-person Latin Way suite. Wow. Even after numbers have dropped, I still get butterflies whenever someone mentions Latin Way.

T-time column graphic

T Time: Double feature — Copley and Washington Square

This past weekend, my mom visited, and we decided to spend the day inBoston. During our excursion, we traveled to two different T stations:Copley andWashington Square. When considering what to write this week’s column about, I could not choose which station to cover so I decided to cover both! 


Tufts 4+1 degrees, Part 2: Master’s Degrees in Education

Tufts’ Graduate School of Arts and Science hosts many master’s degree programs that are continuations of their respective undergraduate majors and programs of study. For current undergraduates pursuing a career in education, Tufts offers a few notable 4+1 bachelor’s and master’s degree programs.


Ruminations from Rabat: Urban or rural?

As evidenced in my last installment of Ruminations from Rabat, traveling has been a main priority of mine this semester. I have been particularly committed to traveling within Morocco and to experiencing all the rich cultural diversity the country has to offer. I spent the first three weekends traveling to Tangier — a colorful Andalusian wonderland — Essouira — an artsy beach town on the Atlantic coast — and lastly Casablanca, the buzzing heart of Morocco.

GC In Dc column graphic

GC in DC: Tales From the Swamp: When in Rome … for 3 hours at the Italian embassy

After getting out of the Uber with four of my closest friends, we slowly struggled down the steep steps leading into the Italian Embassy. It was February 10th, the Saturday before Valentine’s Day, and we were approaching the Embassy’s Valentine’s Day Gala. Waiting outside the entrance were the regulars: military men, congressional staffers and couples in mid-life crises. I’ll get to that last part eventually. But for now, I want to outline the chronicle of how we — a group of 20-year-old know-nothings — bargained and earned our attendance at a formal event like this. Others might call it cheating, but I call it the hustle.


Tufts then and now, through the eyes of a Daily alumnus

The Tufts Department of English is home to over 20 full-time and part-time faculty specializing in drastically diverse kinds of literature and hailing from a variety of educational backgrounds. But some also come from not so far away. One of these professors, Jess Keiser, is not only a Tufts alumnus but also a Daily alumnus.

Dream Works Graphic.png

Dream Works: The immigration lawyer

The tie-wearing, court-going, corporate lawyer career path pictured in TV shows like Suits is one that feels familiar, so I wanted to learn more about the journey to becoming a social justice lawyer, or what Monika Batra Kashyap referred to as a rebellious lawyer. So, in continuing with our venture to find a “dream” career, this week I met with Monika Batra Kashyap, immigration lawyer and visiting clinical professor at Seattle University School of Law, to learn more about her career path. 


Dorms, Dishes and Delicacies: Houston Hall

While walking through the Res Quad during the past few months, you may have noticed the sticky note “H>M” and “M>H” signs displayed in the Houston Hall and Miller Hall windows, respectively. But which one is actually better?


Tufts 4+1 degrees, Part 1: The Fletcher MALD degree program

For many Tufts undergraduates, their fourth year of study concludes their academic journey on the hill. Gearing up for graduation, Jumbos prepare to travel to all corners of the world in pursuit of jobs, further academia, self-discovery or social impact work. However, a small few choose to stay another year to complete their master's in one of many 4+1 bachelor’s/master’s degree offerings at Tufts.


On-campus construction craze: A necessary growing pain

When taking a stroll through the Tufts Medford/Somerville campus, it is impossible not to notice at least one of the many ongoing construction projects. The constant buzz of construction has become a familiar sound for Tufts students and staff, with multiple ongoing projects scattered about the campus. One of these buildings, located in the heart of campus, embodies Tufts’ longstanding dedication to the humanities: Eaton Hall, home of multiple departments, including classical studies and sociology. 

column graphic for Max Druckman's "Munching with Max" column

Munching with Max: Kindlevan Café

In the words of Eminem, “Guess who’s back, back again?” Spoiler alert, it’s me. I’m back and hungrier than ever. So, this column is back too, allowing me to rant and rave about my eats at Tufts.


What’s behind course registration frustrations?

A key, and sometimes frustrating, aspect of a Tufts student’s experience is using SIS, the Student Information System. Students must navigate this system to access services like academic transcripts and bills. Most critically, SIS provides the interface for students to sign up for courses every semester. For many, this can be a stressful process — so stressful that SIS becomes the target of student ire and anxiety. But here’s the disappointing news: There’s no single system to blame.